People? Why is it that children don’t understand that parents only want the best for them? That they don’t want to see them hurt, or for them to make the same mistakes they made? Especially ones that can’t be taken back. It isn’t until these selfsame children become parents themselves that they even ATTEMPT to fathom the hell they put their own parents through, why they did it, how to make up for it, and how to prevent it from happening to them. As an individual stuck between woman and childhood, I find it frustrating when I see children that are supposedly “mature for their age” lack this simple understanding. As of right now, my young cousin had hates my guts right now, because I accidentaly blabbed about a phone he wasn’t supposed to have. Now how was I to know his mama didn’t know about it? He didn’t forewarn me. but best believe, hes 38 hot with me right now. Kids :/. And what REALLY butters my toast about the whole situation is that he’s supposed to be so called “mature”, yet he fails to understand karma and love, two of the most basic things about life. But I digress. Hes only 14, and right now, the world revolves around him. He’ll open his eyes soon enough.


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