People are so fucking stupid!

So, apparently, I supposedly stole a game controller in retaliation of my glasses coming up missing. But how the FUCK could I have been mad enough to take something that came up missing AFTER my stuff? Cmon now! And then myes cousin so fucking stupid, she let this remedial ass lil boy brainwash her into believing I told him to deceive her, and, that I told him to trade phones with somebody that ain’ t EVEN got a compatible phone! Then to top it off, I’m mad @ him, so I got his controller. This shit would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. She blind herself to the lies they tell and the games they play, spoil them rotten, then wonder why it comes back to bite her in the ass. Why her oldest child is a fucking sociopath, and her second oldest headed down the same road. But nooooooo, you can’t tell her a muthafuckin thang about these smart mouth ass, attidunal ass, wastes of spaces she call children. I ain’t NEVA had to put up with HALF the shit I put up with here, anywhere else. Satan off in this piece baaaaaadd, and as far I’m concerned her whole damn family demon possessed. They needs to seek Jesus immegiately!