“I cannot wait til shes older” Is what I find myself saying more often than not these days concerning my toddler. Shes in. the infamous “terrible twos” stage, and its driving me fruity! I ain’t gone lie. Somethings were cute at first. But now? Its just downright ANNOYING! :/ Like the clingyness, and the assertion of the independence. I tell her like, 50% of the time i’ma throw her out of a window. Her God dad said one day in response, “you betta go right out there with her too” : D. He meant it to. I’ll never admit this to ANYONE-cept God and myself- but thats her surrogate father, all day. Do more for her than her sperm donor all day. Loves her more too. Which is why I could give two cents of a rats ass if he EVER comes around. Cuz she ain’t never hurting for male attention, or a father figures. Believe that! She has uncles, a grandfather, cousins, and a godfather that’ll jump to her beck and call. All day. But back to missypoo. That thang don been here before! She makes that very apparent. She also makes it apparent that shes my dearly departed mother reincarnated. Don’t know how anyone else would take that, but I’m a firm believer in it. Ha! I gave birth to and am raising my mama! Anyone else see the irony? But that would explain her fearlessness, sweet nature, honesty, and uncanny knowledge of the world. I blame her leoness for the rest. But all things considered, I think I’m gonna enjoy raising my total opposite baby, and as much as I wish she was a newborn, I know I’m more grateful shes not.